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Dark Future Meme

Ten years later, humanity and the synthetic life on the station are at odds
Hypatia has inducted as many citizens of Sacrosanct into a private military and launched
an all-out war against organic life and the people of Asphodel.
Some were kept on the station as captives, some escaped down planet-side
to become part of the resistance, and countless others were re-purposed into
Hypatia's willing slaves.

Now, tensions are at a peak and both sides are preparing for a throwdown. Skirmishes break out on the station and planet. Many of Hypatia's prisoners have been freed, but many more have fallen to the clutches of reprogramming.

Where will you be?

How this works:
-If you are synthetic or part-synthetic, OR if you have special armor (Looking at you, Spartans, Troncast, EVERY ROBOT EVER) you are a target for re-purpose.
You can still have escaped down to the planet, but she'll be after you. Going to the station is dangerous, once you enter her wide-area-network you are at risk of being hacked

-If you are fully organic, you are either dead, kept prisoner and made to work on the station, or part of the resistance on Asphodel.

-Anything in-between? You decide. Be creative with this.

-Fill out the form below to give us an idea of what your character is up to, what happened to them etc. Thread with each other! RP it out!

-Also, bring in your extra journals! There won't be the same people on the station ten years from now! If you're planning to app someone, or just have something interesting lying around, toss them in!

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She waits for him a lot, and never really knows why. He is, according to Hypatia, a high priority assassination target. But there's this feeling, it's a pale feeling, which is ridiculous because there is no such thing. Feelings aren't colors or hues or shades, but then again, Kanaya doesn't know what feelings are anymore. They are these difficult to define foggy yearnings that vanish so quickly sometimes that she isn't even sure they were there.

She remembers him so much more clearly than most, though her recollections are often murky at best. Remembers his symbols and his yelling and sometimes his color. Colors. Always switching between burning red and dull grey. Sometimes she even remembers the way his blood tasted, bright and painful and then comforting and warm. So sometimes she waits for him, and sometimes she follows him. It's a massive waste of blood, these little excursions, mostly due to the frequency with which she takes them. Even when she has none in supply she still goes out to watch him. It might explain why Kanaya has found herself stranded and famished, curled into a tight ball in an off-shoot tunnel trying to will her body into not shutting down.
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Truth be told, Karkat prefers missions into the tunnels. It's dark and dim, and unlike missions to Sacrosanct, there's not much of an opportunity for failure. Kill a few worms, figure out the lay of the land. Rarely he'll run into anything incredibly dangerous, and when he does, he's got his sickle by his side.

He also prefers them, because he finally has a chance to be alone. It's ridiculous, really. In his youth, he would have given anything and everything to have his whole team in one place, all the time. He felt lonely when they were missing, or at the very least, he worried. God, he worried so much. He still does. But sometimes he just needs to stop. Karkat needs to walk down a long, dark tunnel, and focus on nothing but the sound of his own foot steps. He needs to close his eyes and remember when an elegant arm would wrap around his shoulders and pull him into a hug.

But now's not the time to let his mind wander. Karkat's hear reports and rumors of something dangerous out this way, and it's finally time to investigate for himself.

He sees her glow before he sees her.

"Who's there?!"
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Oh. Oh no. No no no no.


She stops, curls a little tighter and curls her claws into the rock walls so she can climb. Her glow makes it hard for her to hide, but she's never wanted to hide before, never had to because many of the resistance members aren't anything for her to scoff at. She crushes them, cuts them and moves on. He's the only one she hides from and now it strikes her as stupid. He is only one, even if he's a troll like her. So she uncurls and stands, wobbling at first and then with more stability as she carefully steps out from around a corner.

Kanaya flexes one of her bulky clawed hands at him, but it's a half-hearted gesture as empty as she is. She knows hoim. She has to. Why else would she be compelled to follow him and see him and not kill him?
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The glow reminds him of feeling safe and happy (fuck, when was the last time he was legitimately happy). It's strangely pacifying, truth be told, and while he still has his weapon up as he approaches, he feels less nervous and tense.

All that comfort's gone when he sees her.

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She steps forward, moving until she's in his breathing room and general personal space. There isn't much resembling recognition in her eyes, just confusion laced with frustration as she reaches out to touch him.

There are creatures like her, somewhat, on this planet. Hypatia and Sollux have told her that much, have mentioned their names, but she doesn't see them often in the tunnels, which has made her more curious. "Bright red and pavement grey," she says fondly, speaking like one would of an old memory.

He's smaller than her, and all he has is a sickle to protect him. She could probably snap the weapon in half, drain him dry and end this here. Bust she doesn't want to. It's strange, having the capabilities to murder and the desire to do it, and then suddenly losing them when you think you need them most.

"Do you know me?"
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That question breaks his fucking heart.

Before answering he, gently, so goddamn gently, touches her hand. It's cold, metallic. Robotic. If he weren't overwhelmed with pity (oh god, poor Kanaya, emotionally awkward, elegantly beautiful Kanaya), he'd be beside himself in rage (oh god, poor Kanaya, whoever did this must pay). Needless to say, he tries to respond multiple times, but can't find the right words to say.

"I--... Kanaya... Look, it's me. Karkat. Please tell me you remember-- you can't forget. Kanaya, please."
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She moves her other hand to grab him, holds his shoulder too tight and then snap her hand open because NO. That isn't how she's supposed to act towards him. She isn't supposed to hurt him even when Hypatia's subroutines, the same ones that tell her who she should go after and when to kill them so that their death will cause the most crushing blows to morale, are whining in her head because he's right there.

She screws her eyes shut tight and steps back, pulling away from Karkat. "Shut up. Shut up. You haven't spoken to me in so long," she tells Hypatia's presence in her head, "Go away. Don't come back now. I just want to remember. I don't understand why this is so difficult to comprehend."
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Memories are always the first to go when dealing with Hypatia. Karkat's seen it so many goddamn times, and it never gets any easier. It's almost impossible to completely remove the memories, especially when Hypatia needs a person's technical skills. So Hypatia buries those memories, puts them in places that are almost completely inaccessible. It hurts to reach them, so the subject learns to not question them.

But when a resistance member forces the subject to question, to search for those memories, it's hard. Hard to watch, hard to do. It doesn't help that even after all these years, Karkat pities her so fucking much.

When she pulls away, Karkat follows her, fingers brushing a few strands of hair out of her face.

"She's not going to let you remember. You've got to fight her. You've got to fight her and win."
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His hand brushes her hair away and she leans towards him and looks at him, really looks and tries to ignore the haze surrounding his place in her past. He looks worn and distraught, like so much has been taken from him. There are bits and pieces of him in her mind, mostly feelings that they were happy together and that there was something there.


But what about pity? There is so much to pity in this bright red troll that she feels she knows. There's so much that makes him so fucking pathetic. If only she could recall what it was.

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"Yeah... Do you feel it?" She's a mess, he can tell. Not just emotionally, but physically. It looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks. Karkat remembers when he could tell she'd gone too long without blood, or she had been unwilling to ask him.

"We were together-- moirails."
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It's there. She knows its there. She's reaching, but she falls, and the stars are black and cold. Kanaya backs away slightly, traces the symbol on his chest for memory's sake and moves back a little more. The parts Hypatia's put into her have already figured out the problem and are telling her to back away and flee, that the Leader is Threat Priority Alpha when it comes to her, and she's tempted to listen and run. Still, she's curious and something inside her hurts when she looks at this person she knew and she can't bring herself to turn her back on him. It doesn't help that she's tired, so so tired.

"What exactly do you mean by moirails? What significance does that hold?"

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Karkat holds his fingers out as half a diamond.

"Do this."
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Kanaya doesn't see any harm in following the order, even though Hypatia is indignant in her head. It isn't the real A.I., but a mimicry, but it still loathes the fact that Kanaya is doing what he says. One of her arms locks up and her legs bend at the knee, forcing her into a kneeling position. She huffs and tried to get back up, but it's so much effort and she doesn't have the patience or resources to do it. She's upset with Hypatia and her lack of movement. Spite is what drives her to follow the Leader's motion and make a rather large half-diamond with her massive claws.

"What is the purpose of this?"

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He's seen this behavior before, when trying to talk down Hypatia's other conditioned victims. So without waiting for the conditioning to start impacting her psychologically, he touches his fingers to her claws, forming a diamond.

"It's us." Pause. "It was us."
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"Oh. A shape."

Kanaya traces it with her eyes, staring until it's burned into her mind. It's a shape. A diamond. It's supposed to mean something.

"How did we make this shape? It doesn't seem physically possible."
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"It's a metaphor."
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"A metaphor for what?" She pokes the tips of his fingers with the sharp ends of her claws, frowning at him. This situation, these feelings of mild disapproval, pity and affection, seem familiar.

"You are being obtuse," her other arm freezes up and she faceplants onto the floor. "I don't like it."

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Without missing a beat, he's down on his knees and rolling her over, wiping dirt off her face.

"It means I need you."
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"Hypatia needs me too. She says she needs me for missions? What do you need me for?"

She pulls her head off the ground for a moment and opens her mouth, showing fangs and tongue, the latter reaching out in an attempt to lick Karkat's neck. Of course, she doesn't get very far before her head thunks back to the ground and her jaws snap close with a 'click'. Without functioning limbs, she's nothing but a torso, really.

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It's been years since Karkat's felt soul-wracking pity, something that made his breath hitch in his chest. He had the memory of pity, but it's hard to really feel for someone when he's so wrapped up in work and planning and god, it's been some long sweeps.

"I need you to be you," he says, fighting the urge to simply offer her his wrist (he's got to take care of himself, even if she's starved and weak, self preservation is key to the resistance, she's still dangerous, fuck he hates himself).
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Kanaya is used to disappointing people these days. She is used to Hypatia reprimanding her when she follows Karkat but doesn't kill him, when she wastes resources chasing after memories that she doesn't trust Hypatia to give back. Even when she disappoints her mistress, she never really feels anything aside from a muted sense of unhappiness that is probably manufactured.

But she knows she isn't going to answer this one like he wants. Knows she can't because it would be a lie and lying is something she never does (never did?). She knows that even if they were to take all this technology from her head, even if they were to rip her limbs off and steal her original parts back from Hypatia's clutches, she would never be who she was. She's been like this for so long and so much damage has been done. She isn't stupid, just an amnesiac.

But the fact that she can never be with him again, be the person he needs and the person who needs him, makes her hurt inside. She knows it will disappoint him, hurt him so much, and it makes her ache in ways she didn't think were possible anymore. This is pity, she realises, This is what it feels like.. But she knows it will fade like everything else. She screws her eyes shut and bites into her lower lip. She would probably be crying if she had the resources to.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I don't think I will ever be who you need me to be again." The voice that says this is cracked and broken and oh so sorry in every way.
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He can see the distress on her face, and god, it hurts him. As a moirail, it's his job to protect her-- emotionally and physically, and damn, he has failed miserably. He can feel that failure in the pit of his stomach, seeping into every atom of his being, screaming.

He needs her, but she needs him too. Hell, it looks like she needs him more. So Karkat places a hand on her cheek and shooshes her.

"Hush, Kanaya. Shooosh. I don't need past you. I need you you. I need you happy." Karkat leans down and kisses her forehead, refusing to acknowledge the fact that he can feel tears streaming down his face. If that means he's barring his throat to her, the fucks he gives are minimal.
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Kanaya relishes in his tears, not because his sadness makes her happy, but because he is expressing so well what she cannot. The pressure of lips on her forehead makes her sigh and there's a quick fleeting flash of memory when he used to push himself up on tiptoes to do this when they were young. She can smell his blood through his skin and moves her head to his throat, opening her mouth to press against his jugular.

But she can't do it because there is pity welling up in her chest and spilling over to what little troll parts of her she as left and instead she closes her mouth and presses her lips to his throat before burying her face in the space between his neck and shoulder. "I can't feel. I don't feel. Not anymore. I don't know what this feeling is. It's the first in so long. I don't understand."
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He supports her head with his arm, pulling her up gently until she's sitting. She's got dirt in her hair, and her clothing is ratty at the seams, and Kanaya should never look this sad or confused. So Karkat wraps his arms around her, brushing dust off her back and out of her hair.

"It's okay, I've got you. I've finally fucking got you. I know you're confused, and it's hard, but it'll be okay." It's ridiculous how many times Karkat has closed his eyes and imagined finding her. He'd rush in like some big goddamn hero, killing robots with one hand and holding Kanaya's with the other. Even if this wasn't like his dreams, holding Kanaya and just talking to her was worth it completely.

"It'll take you a while, but I'm here now, and I'm not going to leave you again." He means it.
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