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singularitykink ([personal profile] singularitykink) wrote in [community profile] singularityderp2012-02-22 10:05 pm

Official Kink Meme & Mod Plurk

Hey everybody! Here's a couple of fun things for you:

The official kink meme, found at [personal profile] singularitykink, has been ported over and is available for all your past, current, and future kink meme needs! This is primarily run and maintained by Vic so shoot her a message if you have any questions or concerns (there's also a contact post on the meme itself!).

Additionally, we now have an official mod plurk, found at [ profile] singmods! We'll be using this plurk to supplement our posts and announcements in the ooc community only, and shouldn't be used to contact the mods. All your contact needs can be met over on this post as usual!

I don't think! I used! Enough exclamation points in this post!!! I'm just really happy to be here you guys.