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It's been half a year since we did this last? Where did all of that time go?

★ Post your character(s) in a comment.
☆ Other people will comment to you and ask what your character thinks of theirs!
★ Comment to other characters to see what they think!
☆ Responses can be either IC or OOC, for gits and shiggles.
★ If IC, responses must be truthful. Because of reasons.
☆ Let the teal deer roam freely.
★ It is impossible to be late to this meme.
☆ Go forth and fill out your handy-dandy notebook CR chart.
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Your character has just stepped in to one of the teleporters only to find that it's not a teleporter at all! It's an ELEVATOR which is like a teleporter, but not-- your grandparents probably used these at one point. To make matters worse it's an ELEVATOR OF FORCED HONESTY.

○ COMMENT with your character
○ COMMENT other characters and start grilling them with questions they wouldn't answer truthfully under normal circumstances.
○ Abuse and beat the gift of truth like a rented mule
○ aww yiss
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❤ COMMENT with your characters.
❤ COMMENT to characters with who they should makeout with or just comment to people you want your character to makeout with.
❤ Everyone makes out with everyone else in the comments. They are magically compulsed to do so! (Possibly by kisseltoe, who gives a crap that it's May.) CAN'T ABSCOND.
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We've got some new people this round, so I thought it might be a good time for this again.


Fill out the form, reply to others, make friends, read plurks and so on. If you don't have a plurk, feel free to link to your personal journal or tumblr or whatever!

To do the fancy links:
<user name="subject_name_here" site=""> (also works for tumblr!)
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Last night was great. You drank, you gambled, you ran around naked, you hooked up with a girl/guy or three-- too bad you can't remember it. Waking up in a hotel bed isn't so bad but...
Who is this person next to you?

You know how it is, folks!

1. Post with your character.
2. Tag other people and try and piece the night together or not. Up to you.
3. Anything goes so long as muns are cool with it.
4. ???!
5. Profit!
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→ Post with your character ICly saying ten different things to ten different people.
→ Or eight things to eight people, or twelve things to twelve people. Whatever.
→ You can say things your character wants to say, things your character refuses to say, whatever.
→ But you can't say who those people are!
→ React to everyone. Make guesses or reassure or whatever. And have fun!

(Stolen from half of DWRP. I regret nothing.)
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This is the post where we create meme images about our lovely station.

IC or OOC, advice animals/rage comics/scumbag ___/etc. are fair game. We have our own template at memegenerator over here thanks to Pen.

If you need some examples, try over here at DDD. Now go have fun!
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☎ comment with your character
☎ others will respond with a text from last night
☎ reply to others with a text from last night
☎ ???
☎ profit!

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So this is a Plurk friending meme, because apparently a bunch of people have them! Fill out the form, reply to others, make friends, read plurks and so on. If you don't have a plurk, feel free to link to your personal journal or tumblr or whatever!

Taken from memeing@ LJ. I forgot how to link stuff.
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✔ Comment with a journal of a character you've thought of apping as though they are already in the game
✔ Tag around with new and old characters
✔ App all those characters
✔ ???
✔ This meme robbed from Ataraxion!

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Ten years later, humanity and the synthetic life on the station are at odds
Hypatia has inducted as many citizens of Sacrosanct into a private military and launched
an all-out war against organic life and the people of Asphodel.
Some were kept on the station as captives, some escaped down planet-side
to become part of the resistance, and countless others were re-purposed into
Hypatia's willing slaves.

Now, tensions are at a peak and both sides are preparing for a throwdown. Skirmishes break out on the station and planet. Many of Hypatia's prisoners have been freed, but many more have fallen to the clutches of reprogramming.

Where will you be?

How this works:
-If you are synthetic or part-synthetic, OR if you have special armor (Looking at you, Spartans, Troncast, EVERY ROBOT EVER) you are a target for re-purpose.
You can still have escaped down to the planet, but she'll be after you. Going to the station is dangerous, once you enter her wide-area-network you are at risk of being hacked

-If you are fully organic, you are either dead, kept prisoner and made to work on the station, or part of the resistance on Asphodel.

-Anything in-between? You decide. Be creative with this.

-Fill out the form below to give us an idea of what your character is up to, what happened to them etc. Thread with each other! RP it out!

-Also, bring in your extra journals! There won't be the same people on the station ten years from now! If you're planning to app someone, or just have something interesting lying around, toss them in!

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Meme time? Meme time.

" never have i ever "

Reply with a character stating "Never have I ever ______". It must be something they have actually never done... but it might be something they know their best friend did yesterday.
Respond to comments with your character taking a drink if it's something they've done. Feel free to assume compulsion, it's a meme. But they may want to be subtle about it, because...
✖ Any other character is free to see and comment. Threadjack away!
✖ This is just for fun, so anything revealed in these threads won't carry over into the game unless everyone involved agrees to it.

original idea from counted_stars, who took it from crackorata.
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The These are my Confessions Meme

1. Post with your characters confessing their darkest secrets and/or things they have been hiding from others.
2. Nobody will be able to lie in this meme or hide the truth. Not even the characters that reply to yours.
3. ???
4. Awkwardness times for all! and profit.
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Where self-cest meets excusable fic prompts

» Comment with a list of your characters

» Reply to others with a small self-cest prompt detailing a meeting between two--or more if possible--of their characters

» If you only have one character, feel free to accept general sing-verse fic prompts. Or! Include characters you had previous played.

» The only stipulation is characters must have at one point been in the game.

» Include other characters in a prompt; who gives a shit, it's fun!

» If you make a prompt, try to comment and fill one!
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❤ COMMENT with your characters.
❤ COMMENT to characters with who they should makeout with or just comment to people you want your character to makeout with.
❤ Everyone makes out with everyone else in the comments. They are magically compulsed to do so! CAN'T ABSCOND.
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It's been a while since we've had one of these, so guess what, guys?



(also I stole the format from the lovely [ profile] ecto_biologist because they made our last one, so I hope this is okay. :3)  

          1. Make a post with the characters you play
          2. Others tell you how much they love you
          3. You tell everyone else how much you love them
          4. Let's get to loving!

1 - image stolen from here. ♥ ♥ ♥
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1. Comment in the post listing your characters.
2. Other will reply with the name of one of your characters
3. You list three things that are your headcanon for that character.

Alternatively, someone can ask you a specific question about the headcanon you have for a certain character. This gives you the option to answer questions pertaining to certain subjects, or think about a question you hadn't considered/answered with your headcanon yet.

There's no limit to the topics or the amount of times someone can ask about a character. It can be huge things like how their life was before their canon, or something smaller like their first time making sweet sweet... um, baked goods for the family. As long as you think it's something that is accurate to your character but it isn't in their canon.


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the song drabble meme

It's pretty simple and fun, folks. This is how this works!

( 01 ) Have a playlist ready! Don't use all your songs--try and narrow it down a little.
( 02 ) Let everyone know how many songs you're working with. Also, which characters you would be willing to write about.
( 03 ) Others tag your post, picking a character or pairing or friendship or familial relationship or whatever, and then choose a number from your list.
( 04 ) Write a drabble related to that song, using that/those character(s)!

Take as long as you need; there's no time limits here!
And here's some helpful HTML to make it pretty!

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♦ Post with your character.
♣ Respond to others asking for a Truth or Dare
♠ If you think their Truth is false, call Bullshit.
♥ If they're found to be Bullshitting, they have to preform a Dare. ANY DARE. NO EXCUSES.
♦ If they're not Bullshitting, you have to take their Dare.
♣ You can only lie when you're answering a Truth, because fuck you.
♠ If you refuse a Dare first, you have to take a second Dare or honestly respond to a Truth. NO BACKING OUT.
ToD 1 & ToD 2
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Here is our thread.

Go crazy. ♥