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So yeah, some people showed interest, so I decided to make this post.

Commissions! I will do these things! Examples, verbiage, and my stance on pricing below.

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Ten years later, humanity and the synthetic life on the station are at odds
Hypatia has inducted as many citizens of Sacrosanct into a private military and launched
an all-out war against organic life and the people of Asphodel.
Some were kept on the station as captives, some escaped down planet-side
to become part of the resistance, and countless others were re-purposed into
Hypatia's willing slaves.

Now, tensions are at a peak and both sides are preparing for a throwdown. Skirmishes break out on the station and planet. Many of Hypatia's prisoners have been freed, but many more have fallen to the clutches of reprogramming.

Where will you be?

How this works:
-If you are synthetic or part-synthetic, OR if you have special armor (Looking at you, Spartans, Troncast, EVERY ROBOT EVER) you are a target for re-purpose.
You can still have escaped down to the planet, but she'll be after you. Going to the station is dangerous, once you enter her wide-area-network you are at risk of being hacked

-If you are fully organic, you are either dead, kept prisoner and made to work on the station, or part of the resistance on Asphodel.

-Anything in-between? You decide. Be creative with this.

-Fill out the form below to give us an idea of what your character is up to, what happened to them etc. Thread with each other! RP it out!

-Also, bring in your extra journals! There won't be the same people on the station ten years from now! If you're planning to app someone, or just have something interesting lying around, toss them in!

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Choosing is hard, so instead, you're getting three memes for the price of one:

Surely you know how this works by now. You're stuck, and there's nothing to do but ride it out. Why do these things keep happening to you?

What things? Read on.

1. Handcuffed!
Congratulations, you're now handcuffed to someone. Maybe your best friend, maybe your worst enemy. And those handcuffs are proving awfully hard to get out of, no matter how strong, sneaky, or shapeshifter-y you are.

2. Trapped in an Elevator!
The stupid thing was working when you got into it, but now it's stopped moving, and even pounding on the buttons and yelling has no effect. You're just going to have to talk to/fight/murder/make out with whoever's stuck in there with you.

3. Forced Honesty!
This sudden compulsion to tell the truth you've found yourself experiencing could become very inconvenient if the wrong person were to ask you the right question. Or the right person were to ask you the wrong one...

Choose your poison and put it in the subject line. Or, if you can't decide, let Fortuna choose for you. Go to and generate a number between 1 and 4.

Why 4?

Because 4 is handcuffed in an elevator of forced honesty, of course.

PS. You can always cheat on your die roll.
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Want more CR? Excellent! Then this is the meme for you. WHAT DO? Simple. You just fill out the form below for each character you want CR with, post, and then look for others to comment on.

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App cycle is coming up sometime soon, and although we'll be moving, it's also a great time to solicit new castmates. Go ahead and post here to enable others or maybe get others to enable you; all those hard decisions such as picking from a few possibles is much easier with the input from others. :)

1. Feel free to post pictures. Tell what canon and what characters you want people to app.
2. On the flip side, post your own possibles.
3. Not in the game? Don't worry. This meme is open for people to announce their intentions to app.
4. Anon is enabled!
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1. Tag this post with your character and list what your character will probably get other characters for Christmas
2. Wait, that's it?
3. Yeah, that's pretty much it.
4. ???????
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Meme time? Meme time.

" never have i ever "

Reply with a character stating "Never have I ever ______". It must be something they have actually never done... but it might be something they know their best friend did yesterday.
Respond to comments with your character taking a drink if it's something they've done. Feel free to assume compulsion, it's a meme. But they may want to be subtle about it, because...
✖ Any other character is free to see and comment. Threadjack away!
✖ This is just for fun, so anything revealed in these threads won't carry over into the game unless everyone involved agrees to it.

original idea from counted_stars, who took it from crackorata.
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This has been going around Plurk anyway and it's been a few months so why not?

★ Post your character(s) in a comment.
☆ Other people will comment to you and ask what your character thinks of theirs!
★ Comment to other characters to see what they think!
☆ Responses can be either IC or OOC, for gits and shiggles.
★ If IC, responses must be truthful. Because reasons.
☆ Ramble like the wind.
★ It is impossible to be late to this meme.
☆ Go forth and fill out your handy-dandy notebook CR chart.
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The These are my Confessions Meme

1. Post with your characters confessing their darkest secrets and/or things they have been hiding from others.
2. Nobody will be able to lie in this meme or hide the truth. Not even the characters that reply to yours.
3. ???
4. Awkwardness times for all! and profit.
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Want more CR? Excellent! Then this is the meme for you. WHAT DO? Simple. You just fill out the form below for each character you want CR with, post, and then look for others to comment on.

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Singularity Kink Meme

Unlike before, we're over at the [ profile] singularitykink instead of just a single post in the derp comm! There's even an index of old requests and fills.
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Where self-cest meets excusable fic prompts

» Comment with a list of your characters

» Reply to others with a small self-cest prompt detailing a meeting between two--or more if possible--of their characters

» If you only have one character, feel free to accept general sing-verse fic prompts. Or! Include characters you had previous played.

» The only stipulation is characters must have at one point been in the game.

» Include other characters in a prompt; who gives a shit, it's fun!

» If you make a prompt, try to comment and fill one!
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❤ COMMENT with your characters.
❤ COMMENT to characters with who they should makeout with or just comment to people you want your character to makeout with.
❤ Everyone makes out with everyone else in the comments. They are magically compulsed to do so! CAN'T ABSCOND.
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It's been a while since we've had one of these, so guess what, guys?



(also I stole the format from the lovely [ profile] ecto_biologist because they made our last one, so I hope this is okay. :3)  

          1. Make a post with the characters you play
          2. Others tell you how much they love you
          3. You tell everyone else how much you love them
          4. Let's get to loving!

1 - image stolen from here. ♥ ♥ ♥
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1) Post an anonymous (or not) rumor about your character or others on the station! They can be silly ("One of his squadmates told me M!Shepard dresses up in women's clothing when no one else is on base.") or serious ("so guys, I heard Karkat is Nepeta's matesprit now but they're keeping it a secret because of Equius. :O")
2) Post moar.
3) Respond ICly to other people's rumors.
4) It's almost like I'm in high school again!

I *think* anonymous comments are enabled on singderp so have at it.
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1. Comment in the post listing your characters.
2. Other will reply with the name of one of your characters
3. You list three things that are your headcanon for that character.

Alternatively, someone can ask you a specific question about the headcanon you have for a certain character. This gives you the option to answer questions pertaining to certain subjects, or think about a question you hadn't considered/answered with your headcanon yet.

There's no limit to the topics or the amount of times someone can ask about a character. It can be huge things like how their life was before their canon, or something smaller like their first time making sweet sweet... um, baked goods for the family. As long as you think it's something that is accurate to your character but it isn't in their canon.
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For those who didn't know, we have an actual page this-a-way.
But anyway-

1. Comment with each of your characters and tropes you think fit them.
2. Others reply with tropes they think fit your character.
3. Go forth and reply to others.
4. We all waste the rest of the day/evening/forever on that website.

this meme blatantly stolen from [ profile] route_29


15 Oct 2011 06:27 pm
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Hello, Singlings, Pen here with kind of a weird offer.

So there are these things called Shimejis. Basically they're little desktop buddies who crawl all over your computer and multiply and are generally adorable. You can make them do a bunch of different little animations too.

Anyway, I made one for Jin awhile ago, and I figured I'd offer up my dubious art skills to make ones for anyone else who wants them. Lol if anyone else even wants them. But really, who doesn't want a little Alejandro or Grid wandering around their computer?

If you want a wee version of your character just let me know here, with some specifications for what you want them to look like and animations you want them to do. They take a little while to make mostly because my art jutsu is weak, but I guess we can count them as generic holiday season gifts? Lol.

Images here )
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We've all seen the TFLN meme. But there's a whole other dimension of texting-related shenanigans that LJ memes have yet to explore...

* The premise: Wearables have an iphone-style auto cockrocket feature now! oh shit auto correct
* Post a comment for your character.
* Others respond with hilariously mangled texts of the player's devising. (Or ripped from DYAC. We're not picky.)
* ???


5 Oct 2011 08:11 pm
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Hey Singlings!

We've been tossing around the idea of starting up a dedicated Minecraft server for Singularity players. If you don't know what it is, Minecraft is basically interactive lego survival mode. As of now we're in the process of setting one up, based on the reaction it got from players on plurk.

What we'd like to know is how many of you out there would be interested in playing on it? We're not going to demand money out of people, but it would be ace if we could get donations around 5$ from those who feel they'll be making extensive use of it.

Players will need to be approved to a whitelist to be let on in the server -- this is just to keep out strangers and griefers.

So. Interest? Questions? Comments?